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The Ultra High Voltage BCM is a high efficiency K=1/16 fixed ratio converter operating from either a 400 - 700 V primary input to produce an unregulated SELV DC output voltage. Initial products are available in the Vicor Integrated Adapter (VIA) package which simplifies customer cooling approaches as well as providing integrated PMBus control, EMI filtering, and transient protection.

Input Voltages  

400 – 700 V

Output Voltage   From 25 – 43.7 V
Output Current   4414 VIA: Up to 40 A
Peak Efficiency   Up to 97%

4414 VIA :
4.35 x 1.40 x 0.37 in.
110.55 x 35.54 x 9.4 mm



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Use the matrix below to select a module to meet your needs. You can click on the filter icons at the top of each column to filter results. Click on the column heading to sort the column. Once you have made your selection click on the part number to go to a product page and choose your mechanical options, and get part number specific information.
Part Number Vin (V) Vout (V) Output Current (A) Package Control Interface
BCM4414xG0F4440yzz » 400.0 - 700.0 25.0 - 43.7 40.0 4414 VIA Digital
Features & Benefits
  • Unique wide-range "Ultra-High-Voltage" input
  • Industry benchmark efficiency and power density
  • Parallel Operation for multi-kW arrays
  • Integrated PMBus Interface
  • Thermally adept VIA package
  • Chassis mount or PCB mount form-factor
  • Integrated EMI and transient filtering
  • OV, OC, UV, short circuit and thermal protection
  • 4,300 Vdc Isolation
  • Bi-directional Operation
  • Enables flexible 3-phase power solutions
  • Enables high power transmission
    for remote tethered vehicles


Compact 3-Phase Power


UHV BCM Diagram 1





High Voltage DC Transmission for Unmanned Vehicles


UHV BCM Diagram 2



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Application Notes

PDFAN:001 – Configuring the Vicor BCM with Low Power niPOLs »

PDFAN:006 – A Filter Solution for the BCM »

PDFAN:016 – Using BCM™ Bus Converters in High Power Arrays »

PDFAN:017 – RoHS Compliant Through-Hole VI Chip Soldering Recommendations »
spaceFor through hole full VI Chip packages

PDFAN:025 – Improving the Light Load Efficiency of a VI Chip Bus Converter Array »

PDFAN:031 – Through-Hole ChiP Package Soldering Guidelines »
spaceFor through-hole ChiP (Converter Housed in a Packages), example packages: 6123,2361, 4623, and 2223

PDFAN:034 – Creating Higher Voltage Outputs using Series Connected Sine Amplitude Converters »

PDFAN:038 – HV ChiP BCM® Reverse Start Up Circuit »

PDFAN:039 – Thermal Management for VIA and ChiP Modules »

PDFAN:401 – PCB Mount VIA Soldering Guidelines »


User Guides / Manuals

ZIPGraphic user interface (GUI) to access PMBus(TM) interface »

PDFUG:402 – PMBus Interface and Accessories User Guide »


White Papers

PDFSine Amplitude Converter Topology for IBA »

PDFEnabling Next Generation HIgh-Density Power Conversion »

PDFInnovative Power Device to Support Intermediate Bus Architecture Designs »



For California residents see information regarding California Proposition 65 »


4414 VIA Ultra High Voltage

PDFcURus – UL 60950-1, CSA 60950-1 »

PDFcTÜVus – EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, CSA 60950-1 »

PDFCE Mark – Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) and RoHS Recast Directive (2011/65/EU) »

PDFCB Certificate – IEC 60950-1 »

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