ZVS Regulators


...at HIGHER temperatures
...at HIGHER temperatures
A regulator is only as good as the power it can deliver in the
actual environment it will be used in, Vicor ZVS Regulators
deliver more power at higher temperatures versus the competition.
...at HIGHER temperatures
...at HIGHER temperatures
...in a SMALLER size
...in a smaller size
All active components integrated into the package.

New 20A Regulators: Compact Size Delivering
Twice the Power

The 48V ZVS 20A Buck Regulator portfolio has been extended by offering 20A solutions, enabling scalable power options for 48V direct to point-of-load (PoL) applications in many applications including lighting, communications, automotive equipment and datacenter applications. The PI3523 is a 48VIN, 3.3VOUT nominal Buck Regulator capable of supplying up to 22A. This family of regulators enables 48VIN to 20A point-of-load voltages spanning 2.2VOUT – 14VOUT. With only a 40% larger package, these components require only an output inductor and minimal passives for a complete, cost-effective design that consumes less than 740mm2 of PCB space. Designed to be easily paralleled in combinations of up to three regulators, they can be scaled to support higher current loads.


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...at HIGHER efficiencies
...at HIGHER efficiencies
The heart of any ZVS regulator is the zero voltage switching
topology that enables lower losses from higher input voltages
creating higher conversion efficiency  than the competition.
...at HIGHER efficiencies
...at HIGHER temperatures
...the FIRST time
  Predefined design
  Minimal input/output ceramic capacitance needed
  Reference schematic & layout provided
...in a smaller size

ZVS Regulators

  Available Evaluation Boards        
  ZVS Buck-Boost Regulators        
      InputVoltage   OutputVoltage   Power Max   Part Number  
    8 – 60V   10 – 50V   140W   PI3740-00-EVAL1  
    21 – 60V   21 – 36V   160W   PI3741-00-EVAL1  
    21 – 60V   36 – 54V   197W   PI3741-01-EVAL1  
    16 – 34V   12 – 34V   240W   PI3749-00-EVAL1  
  ZVS Buck Regulators        
      InputVoltage   OutputVoltage   Iout Max   Part Number  
    30 – 60V   3.3V   22A   PI3523-00-EVAL1  
    30 – 60V   5.0V   20A   PI3525-00-EVAL1  
    30 – 60V   12.0V   18A   PI3526-00-EVAL1  
    36 – 60V   2.5V   10A   PI3542-00-EVAL1  
    36 – 60V   3.3V   10A   PI3543-00-EVAL1  
    36 – 60V   5.0V   10A   PI3545-00-EVAL1  
    36 – 60V   12.0V   9A   PI3546-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   3.3V   10A   PI3301-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   3.3V   15A   PI3301-01-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   3.3V   10A   PI3301-20-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   3.3V   15A   PI3301-21-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   5.0V   10A   PI3302-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   5.0V   10A   PI3302-20-EVAL1  
    17.4 – 36V   12V   8A   PI3303-00-EVAL1  
    17.4 – 36V   12V   8A   PI3303-20-EVAL1  
    20.4 – 36V   15V   8A   PI3305-00-EVAL1  
    20.4 – 36V   15V   8A   PI3305-20-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.0V   10A   PI3311-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.0V   15A   PI3311-01-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.0V   10A   PI3311-20-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.0V   15A   PI3311-21-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   2.5V   10A   PI3312-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   2.5V   15A   PI3312-01-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   2.5V   10A   PI3312-20-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   2.5V   15A   PI3312-21-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.8V   10A   PI3318-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.8V   15A   PI3318-01-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.8V   10A   PI3318-20-EVAL1  
    8 – 36V   1.8V   15A   PI3318-21-EVAL1  
    14 – 42V   5.0V   20A   PI3325-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 18V   1.0V   15A   PI3420-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 18V   1.8V   15A   PI3421-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 18V   2.5V   15A   PI3422-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 18V   3.3V   15A   PI3423-00-EVAL1  
    8 – 18V   5.0V   15A   PI3424-00-EVAL1