An easy solution for
generating complete
power systems

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Just enter a few specs to design your next power system


Designing your power system in a single location — up to 75% faster than traditional methods — is as easy as entering your input and output power as well as your basic system requirements. The Power System Designer is one of the Vicor PowerBench™ web-based tools that makes it easy for you to build flexible, efficient and cost-effective power systems that get you to market faster.

Advantages of using the Power System Designer

Best Transient


Easy to use
by both novice
and expert engineers

High Currents


Meet project schedules
quicker and easier

Small Size


Achieve power
system performance
without trial and error

spec changes


Mitigate risk of power
spec changes

space space space
Everything you need in a single tool
to design a power system in under two minutes
Instant performance analysis for each recommended solution
bullet Access an infinite number of products and technical specs
Evaluate power chains both electrically and mechanically
Prioritize solutions by efficiency, component count, cost, footprint and recommended best fit
Save, export and share a final BOM or power system easily
Download the user guide to see a complete example implementation
Start your design.png

Power System Designer Tool