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Cool-Swap® Hot-Swap / Circuit-Breaker Controller

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The PI2211 is a Hot-Swap/circuit-breaker controller for bus voltages of 0.9 – 14V. Unlike conventional Hot-Swap controllers, the PI2211 incorporates True-SOA MOSFET protection which emulates the transient thermal performance of the MOSFET ensuring safe operation. Typical Hot-Swap devices utilize power limiting based upon standard SOA curves without considering transient performance issues. Only the PI2211 with True-SOA emulates and protects the MOSFET under its actual operating conditions considering transient events.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

0.9 to 14V operating (21V max) Bus Hot Swap Controller with circuit breaker

Digitally emulates MOSFET transient thermal performance for True-SOA control

Ensures safe DC and transient MOSFET performance by emulating the MOSFET junction temperature rise via a internal digital processor

Limits transient over voltage exposure after breaker event with Glitch-Catcher control

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PI2211 Part Number: PI2211 Vin Operating Range: 0.9 – 14 V Fault Detect Time: 100 nS Package Size: 24-Pin QFN / 4 x 4 x 0.85 RoHS Compliant:  

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