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Vicor presents "Designing a 48V Decentralized Power Architecture Using High-Density Building Blocks"

Vicor Corporation will present at the 7th International 48V Power Supply Systems conference in Berlin, Germany November 11 – 14, 2019. The 4-day conference will highlight the latest innovations in automotive power electronics and battery technology developments from top OEMs, tier-ones and innovative technology providers like Vicor that enable OEMs to achieve smaller, lighter weight and higher efficiency power supplies for higher performing vehicles.

Patrick Wadden, the Vicor Global VP Automotive Business Development will present “Designing a 48V Decentralized Power Architecture Using High-Density Building Blocks.” The proposed architecture maximizes the advantages of a 48V power distribution network (PDN) by utilizing advanced automotive Vicor DC-DC power modules, to achieve unprecedented power density, reduced weight and low noise compared to conventional DC-DC converters.

Vicor enables the most advanced vehicles today with a modular approach to power conversion and regulation, offering a high level of integration, advanced low-noise switching topologies and thermally adept packaging. 

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November 11 – 14, 2019
Hotel Palace
Berlin, Germany

About the presenter

Patrick Wadden

Patrick Wadden

Prior to joining Vicor, Mr. Wadden was leading North American sales in the automotive segment for Integrated Device Technology. His prior experience includes leadership roles in sales, marketing, and product line management for Analog Devices, Altera, and Intersil. Mr. Wadden holds a BSBA from Northeastern University.